As Manager of Events & Special Programming, Janyce Hunt is responsible for the management and coordination of all events for the Council of Urban Professionals in New York City and Los Angeles. Janyce also leads the CUP Catalysts program, which is an annual list of accomplished leaders across the finance, legal, and media and entertainment sectors who have achieved extraordinary success in business while simultaneously making a significant impact on their community.

Prior to joining CUP, Janyce was a Marketing Coordinator at Cultural Village, where she helped create new marketing strategies, manage social media, and monitor the implementation of new marketing campaigns and advertisements.

Janyce is the Chief Operating Officer for The T.R.U.E Foundation Inc., a nonprofit organization that offers mentoring opportunities to college freshman. She is also the Communications Coordinator for her district unit of the United Methodist Women organization, whose mission is to foster spiritual growth and develop leaders and advocates for justice, where she delivers quarterly newsletters to its membership. Janyce received her Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Virginia State University.