CUP’s 10th Anniversary Commemorative Artwork


By Daniel Hibbert

CUP's mission is to connect, empower, and mobilize.  It is in line with CUP’s community involvement today and the process it has taken to arrive at a place of broad-reaching impact.  When considering the three words, the artist envisioned using space to depict CUP’s evolution with a distinct background, middle ground, and foreground.  In the background, the canvas is fragmented like a mosaic with different patterns and textures symbolizing how people with diverse backgrounds and interests are connected through CUP.  In the middle ground is an image of Prometheus, the Greek God who took fire from the Gods on Mt Olympus and provided it to the men and women on earth.  A nod to Heinrich Fuger’s classicist portrait “Prometheus Brings Fire to Mankind”, the artist reimagines the Greek symbol of empowerment and progress in a contemporary way.  In the foreground are winding stairs to symbolize CUP’s continuing journey to "mobilize" the next generation of diverse professionals.

18" x 18" limited edition, signed giclée prints of the commemorative artwork are available for $150 + shipping. 

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100% of proceeds are tax deductible and support CUP's career acceleration programs and membership offerings.