Ashwin Krishnan – Catalyst Spotlight

What is your occupation and how did you come to work in this field?
I work at Morgan Stanley as a portfolio manager within the firm’s credit investment business. It was a natural progression after beginning in investment banking and after appreciating the available pathways within financial services that suited my interest and temperament.

What is the biggest challenge of your work?
I have been at my current firm for 14 years. Given this tenure, I believe the biggest personal challenge is being open to, and being an agent of, change in team dynamics and goal-setting.

What is your proudest achievement?

  • Being a manager and leader that sets an example
  • Finding my niche and comfort zone in American society having immigrated here as a young adult

What leaders, thinkers or doers do you admire most?

  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Jamie Dimon
  • Bob Gates
  • Barack Obama

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
In a leadership/management role where I can help guide, influence and motivate young people to maximize their potential.
What would be your advice to young people who want their careers and lives to have an impact?

  • Set out to achieve realistic, small goals and measure yourself against those
  • Seek out perspectives that run counter to yours and analyze those perspectives dispassionately

Did you have a mentor or do you mentor someone else? How has that experience changed you?
I have only recently found a mentor. It is important not to seek a mentor for the sake of having one but to find a person who is interested and motivated in providing counsel and advice that has practical application to one’s life and career.