Chartis – Sept 2011 Corporate Spotlight

- Ellen Robles, Program Manager , Chartis

What is Chartis’ approach to diversity?

At Chartis, we take our commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion very seriously. Our diversity efforts are led by our Executive Diversity Council which is comprised of senior business leaders from across our global organization who set our diversity vision. In addition, our Regional Diversity Councils work across businesses and functions to further our local and global diversity objectives and infuse inclusion strategy into our operations everywhere. Chartis also has Employee Resource Groups which foster cultural awareness and instill understanding and acceptance of diversity and inclusion within the company and within the communities where we are located.

What sets your recruiting, career development and work-life programs apart?

At Chartis, each individual is unique, and each individual career path is appreciated and cultivated. Educational opportunities range from technical skill development to executive leadership programs. This includes, for example, a series of Forums that focus on development and career growth for diverse talent.

As part of these Forums, we have launched a sponsorship initiative which enables our female managers to work with a sponsor at the top levels of senior management to further develop their careers and be provided with potential growth opportunities. Our recruiting efforts are on a global scale as employees’ careers have the ability to circle the globe and span numerous disciplines.  Chartis encourages each employee to create a work style that fits their lifestyle and offers everything from maternity and paternal leave policies to flexible work arrangements to help employees strike the work-life balance that’s right for them.

How long has Chartis been a corporate partner of CUP and why does your organization value this relationship?

Chartis is a new Corporate Partner of CUP, having entered our relationship earlier this year, however, our roots date back to 2007 when American International Group, Inc. (AIG) became CUP’s first Corporate Partner.  We value our relationship with CUP as it gives us the opportunity to meet dynamic individuals from a broad range of industries and levels within their respective organizations.

How do you think CUP will have the greatest impact?

CUP is a great organization that provides a strong vehicle for bringing together diverse groups of individuals at all levels of their careers.  This robust network provides a plethora of opportunities for its members, their organizations and their own networks.

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