CUP 2011 Fellows Applications Now Available!

Are you a change agent with a vision that can strengthen our communities?  The CUP Fellows program was created to empower you with the skills, connections and resources to take this vision to the next level.

Who are CUP Fellows?

CUP Fellows are talented and visionary minority and women professionals aged 25 to 45 with the passion to become powerful civic or public sector leaders.

What is the Fellowship experience?

CUP Fellows share an intense 10-month journey that includes comprehensive training, events and board placement services that prepare them for their leadership path, introduce them to distinguished leaders who motivate and inspire them, and guide them as they navigate the winding road towards their highest goals.

What skills do Fellows gain?

The Fellowship curriculum prepares emerging leaders by focusing on key ingredients for success in civic engagement: Public speaking, strategic communications, vision planning, fundraising 101, and grassroots organizing.

How will the Fellowship impact my life and career?

More than 40 CUP Fellows have graduated from the 10-month program exploring new and innovative ways to engage in public service.  During and after the program year, CUP Fellows benefit from a range of opportunities that increase their visibility, skills, and influence within their respective industries.  If selected, Fellows receive structured guidance and training from the CUP staff and respected experts, as well as support and guidance from our members.

Application Deadline: Friday, January 10, 2011

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