Disney | ABC Television Group – Corporate Partner Spotlight

What is Disney | ABC Television Group’s approach to diversity?
Diversity and Inclusion are an integral part of who we are, how we create compelling and engaging content, and how we do business.  At the Disney | ABC TV Group, we seek to ensure that all of our employees are provided with the opportunity to contribute their unique talents and points of view because we believe that every story matters. We each bring something different and we view that individuality – our unique backgrounds, abilities, and perspectives – as our greatest strength.  Furthermore, we believe in leveraging that individuality to bring out the best in people while working towards a shared vision and common goals.  We work hard to ensure that Diversity and Inclusion are a priority in everything we do, from our workplace practices to great storytelling.

What sets your recruiting, career development, and work-life programs apart?
Our Human Resources team focuses on making Disney | ABC TV Group the destination for talented people with a passion for creating compelling content that engages consumers around the world.  We attract and work to retain the best talent by building leadership capabilities at all levels, enabling employee career growth through cutting edge-development programs, and engaging our employees in a manner similar to how we engage our viewers.

How long has Disney | ABC Television Group been a corporate partner of CUP’s and why does your organization value this relationship?
Disney | ABC TV Group joined CUP as a corporate partner in 2012.  We greatly value this partnership and the impact it is having on our employees and our industry.  Through a host of forums and programs on both coasts, CUP has quickly provided dynamic opportunities for our next generation of diverse leaders to create new connections, gain professional exposure, and build leadership skills.

How do you think CUP will have the greatest impact?
CUP is creating a contemporary blueprint for leadership by helping the next generation of diverse talent enhance their effectiveness and impact across different sectors, while deepening their networks and broadening their platforms. We are proud to support CUP’s mission, progress, and the legacy it is building.