CastleOak Securities – February 2011 Corporate Spotlight

Describe a key element/differentiating characteristic that makes CastleOak Securities successful and effective.

We try to nurture a medium and long term view of our business.  We encourage this throughout the firm , so that we are more concerned about bottom line results than top line appearances.  This approach affects every aspect of our business, from how we create and augment our service platform,  to how we hire, retain, and deploy our most important asset: our personnel.

What is different about your talent recruitment and development and how does it ultimately affect your bottom line?

As mentioned above, we seek people that are both top-line cognizant and bottom line driven—people that have a long distance view of, and faith in, both CastleOak and their individual careers.  We look for people who want not only to succeed with us, but who want to grow with us.

How long has Castle Oak been a corporate partner of CUP’s and why does your organization value this relationship?

We have been a corporate partner of CUP for the last few years, and we see its mission and being invaluable to the promotion of opportunity for people of color and the companies that they own.

How do you think CUP will have the greatest impact?

CUP will continue to have a great impact as it is used as a vehicle for networking and information sharing amongst people of color, the companies for which they work and the businesses that they own and operate.

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