HBO – Corporate Partner Spotlight

What is HBO’s approach to diversity?
HBO is a company noted for our commitment to excellence in the products and services we deliver to consumers and our effort to create a work environment in which respect, equal opportunity, trust and individual responsibility are valued.  We seek to foster creativity and innovation by ensuring that our employees come from diverse backgrounds and that all are provided with ongoing opportunities for collaboration, growth and development.

What sets your recruiting, career development, and work-life programs apart?
Regarding recruiting, we’ve built a professionally aggressive, high impact talent acquisition team. We have become much more active in our approach to attracting and recruiting all levels of talent. Our new college recruiting team has been charged with hitting top universities to find the best, most competitive college students for our internship programs. We now target schools by their the past we were more passive and simply selected from general applications and referrals. Our recruiters are “on the ground” participating in more industry panels and workshops designed to help those in their job search. This allows us more frequent and direct engagement with an array of talent. In our quest to establish HBO as a new technology destination for advanced software engineers, for the first time, we are sponsoring key technology shows and conferences.  This allows us access to the mission critical and highly competitive engineering community. We enjoy a very active relationship with our partner organizations which link us to robust networks of diverse talent. Regarding career development and work-life programs, we run our own in-house O.E. (Organizational Effectiveness) department and we touch the entire employee life cycle. We are responsible for onboarding, performance management, training and leadership development, executive coaching, talent review/succession planning and team offsites. Although these are considered your more traditional O.E. touch points, we approach all of the above with a diversity lens. In that spirit, we also offer health and wellness fairs featuring subjects/speakers that resonate with our diverse employee base and we sponsor Affinity/Employee Resource Groups.

What is the greatest value diverse teams bring to your firm?
Having diverse teams brings awareness, exposure and "less assumed" outcomes as it relates to our people and business. In doing this, it better enables us to identify our challenges and opportunities - as there is always work to be done. Over the years, we've learned that Diversity is a is meant to be ongoing. It is not a series of isolated events. It’s about speaking to the journey and enjoying it - the good, the bad and the ugly.  As a global brand, having a diverse workforce is essential to us as it is a direct reflection of who we are and is also reflected in our products and programming. Diversity is a necessity for growing the business, especially with the emergence of the minority/majority.  Diverse opinions, perspectives and experience drive business initiatives.

How long has HBO been a corporate partner of CUP’s and why does your organization value this relationship?
We've been corporate partners with CUP since 2008. I believe the reason this relationship has been so healthy and productive is because we share similar values and goals as it relates to the advancement of diverse professionals. Both organizations believe in and support professional and executive development and allow for unique teaching moments to happen along the way that bring about real "aha!" and "uh-oh!" moments.

How do you think CUP will have the greatest impact?
CUP will have the greatest impact by continuing to water old relationships while bringing new partners into the fold. They must continue to embrace change and encourage new ideas. Allow their fan base to take advantage of their network and plentiful resources.