Hip Hop 4 Life, Inc. – Non Profit Partner Spotlight

Mission: Hip Hop 4 Life, Inc. is a champion of positive youth development and empowerment. Our mission is to provide interactive life skills training and health awareness programs that are designed to engage, educate and empower young people to lead extraordinary lives. This is done via our Empowerment Team, Youth Development, and Community Outreach programs. Since our inception in 2003, Hip Hop 4 Life has served over 13,000 young people and parents in our hometown of New York City and across the nation.

What makes us unique: We incorporate popular youth culture and celebrity participation in our curriculum as a way to engage our students in our youth development workshops.  We feel that in order to effectively aid in the positive personal and professional development of the youth in our communities, we must adopt a “meet them where they are” mentality and design programming that will maximize their engagement by speaking to their personal interests.

What are we up to at the moment and how can CUP members be involved: We are currently experiencing exponential growth as an organization. In just a year’s time we have more than doubled the number of schools and community facilities our program is in to over 40 sites in the New York City area, and have recently been approached by several other states across the country to expand our programming into their communities.  On the partnership side, we have recently announced an exciting partnership with MC Lyte’s Hip Hop Sisters Foundation and will be hosting a series of Women of Inspriration Class and Style Summits for girls in conjunction with Mc Lyte’s Foundation on June 27, 2013 in Los Angeles, CA and July 12, 2013 in Atlanta, GA.

While this growth we are experiencing is exciting, it is critical more now than ever for us to attract the assistance of astute professionals that are able to help us to build out our operational infrastructure and provide the strategic oversight needed in order to ensure we manage our growth effectively.  We are, therefore, currently seeking seasoned professionals to join our Governing Board, Advisory Council, or offer pro bono professional services to help us maximize our ability to serve our youth.