Ignite – Non Profit Partner Spotlight

What is your mission?
IGNITE builds political ambition in young women.  We train them to become civic leaders in their home communities and to run for office.

What makes your organization so unique in the non-profit space?
There are a host of women's political organizations that seek to train and elect more women to political office today, but almost none that build the next generation of female political leaders. IGNITE is unique in that we train young women in high school, college, and graduate school in a sustained manner and we connect them to a national network of elected women leaders. These young women ultimately build their capacity to become the next generation of political leaders in their own communities.

What is your organization up to at the moment & how can CUP Members be involved?
IGNITE currently reaches young women in California and Texas and we are about to launch a chapter in Colorado. Our vision is to train young women across the country and we are racing to keep up with the opportunities to do so. IGNITE is looking for national board members who are invested in our mission and who can provide strategy, ambassadorship, and fundraising support to help us bring our work to young women across the country.