January 2011 Corporate Partner Spotlight – UBS

Please describe the UBS approach to diversity.

The UBS approach is to integrate diversity into each of our business initiatives.  Specifically, our strategy focuses on three areas: 1) leveraging talent; 2) improving organizational culture, and 3) capitalizing on our marketplace opportunities.

What sets your recruiting, career development, and work-life programs apart?

At UBS, we encourage participation in a broad range of employee networks that support workplace integration and awareness of diverse cultures, backgrounds and perspectives.  We have had great success in leveraging our employee networks to help recruit and retain employees, and input from the networks enables us to ensure that all our demographics are being served.  Regarding career development, the UBS Business University provides numerous learning and training opportunities that are directly tied to helping employees implement our business strategies while fostering career success.

How long has UBS been a corporate partner of CUP and why does your organization value this relationship?

UBS has just recently become a CUP corporate partner. We believe that having an association with a network of minority and women professionals where part of the mission is to effect real social change ties in extremely well with our diversity and community affairs strategies.  This CUP partnership will support our efforts to attract and retain the most competitive, diverse workforce in our industry while we make long-term sustainable efforts to give back to our communities in a significant and measurable way.

How do you think CUP will have the greatest impact?

We feel our alignment with CUP, a leadership organization that connects the dots between business excellence and community involvement, will have a significant positive impact on our ability to live our mission of diversity and inclusion.  Here at UBS, we strive to create an open culture that enables talent to pursue personal success while supporting our business strategy.

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