Member FAQ’s



How is membership changing?

CUP has decided to place a hold on recruiting new paid and corporate partner members in 2018.  This will allow us to dedicate the year to enhancing our capacity to serve the professionals in our network.  Our goal is to enhance our intake process, enable greater connectivity, have new offerings, and be able to better target our outreach based on your interests.  As a result, we’re extending all 2017 memberships through 2018.  We’ll keep you updated as we began taking these changes underway.

How is the membership portal changing?

For now, you will still be able to login and access the membership portal as you did in 2017.  We’re working to create a new website and intake process, and ultimately a new digital engagement platform, but that won’t be ready for some time.  Please bear with us during this period of transition.

I purchased a membership in 2017.  What does this mean for me?

Nothing will change for now!  All current members that joined us in 2017 and up until January 2018 will have their memberships benefits extended through January 2019. 

What benefits will CUP members receive in 2018?

Members will continue to be the first to receive information about CUP events and offerings.  We are working to ensure there are several events to offer our members in 2018.

How can I register for an event hosted by CUP or a CUP affiliate?

CUP members will still receive email invitations to various events, presentations, and networking opportunities.  Links for registration will be included in these emails.

How can I find job opportunities with CUP partners and associates?

You can find job opportunities by clicking here.  If you apply, be sure to mention that you’re a CUP member!

How can I connect with CUP?

Connect with CUP via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, also keep an eye out for our quarterly newsletters for additional news, articles, highlights, and more. If you have any questions, please email our membership department at