Midori & Friends – Nonprofit Partner Spotlight – Apr. 2012

Who is Midori & Friends?

The mission of Midori & Friends is to inspire children through music. We believe that when children are inspired, the very experience of learning—and, in turn, of teaching—is transformed. Inspired children pay attention. They enjoy gaining new knowledge. They ask questions and use their imaginations. They are eager to accomplish new things. In short, inspired children become passionate learners—and this is a transformation that will reap benefits for the rest of their lives. They will grow up with greater confidence and life satisfaction, and they will likely go on to earn significantly more as a result of their access to more professional options.

There is a difference between rote, enforced learning and passionate, engaged, desired learning. This is the meaningful difference that Midori & Friends programs make for our city’s students.

What is your mission?

Founded in 1992 by the world-renowned violinist, Midori, and a small, committed Board of Directors, Midori & Friends has enhanced the lives OF ALMOST 200,000 underserved New York City children and their families through providing high-quality music education programs and initiatives.

What is your organization up to at the moment?

Currently, we are planning our annual fundraiser. Viva la Musica! will be a celebration of Latin music styles, in recognition of 50% of our students who are of Hispanic origins. We seek to honor the traditions of this “next generation” of Latinos here in NYC.

This event is also our annual fundraising gala that raises crucial support for the music education programs we provide to students at New York City’s most underserved public schools. Thus, any support we receive through either attendance or sponsorship goes directly toward bringing highly engaging concerts, instrument instruction, ensemble playing, and more to the thousands of children we work with across the boroughs.

We are thrilled to have internationally renowned Latin jazz pianist, composer, and educator Arturo O’Farrill as our featured performer.  And for a powerful glimpse of our mission in action, students in Midori & Friends programs will perform as well.

We are also planning a series of recitals by our Making Music students to be held at the Sony Atrium during the week of May 14th.

What makes your organization so unique in the non-profit space?

Our offerings of long term residencies in making music teaches children all of the varied instrumental categories. Having been in business for almost 20 years, we have a sizeable number of thriving school partnerships and retention rate within schools is very strong.

How can CUP Members be involved?

CUP Members can participate in a variety of Midori & Friends programs including Adventure Concerts and also assist in our many outreach programs as well as various fundraising opportunities. In addition, we are interested in assistance in creating a younger leadership program, along with planning for our 20th Anniversary season.