News Corporation – Corporate Partner Spotlight

 What is News Corporation’s approach to diversity? 

At News Corporation, diversity is more than a buzzword.  It is a philosophy expressed and integrated in every aspect of our enterprise.  As a result, diversity is a core component of our community engagement activities, recruitment strategy, workforce engagement/talent development programs, and business and supplier diversity initiatives.

Our corporate diversity mantra is based on four pillars.  The first is community investment.  We understand the value of a diverse marketplace and strive to build relationships with key leaders and community organizations who are positioned to serve as liaisons between their communities and News Corp.  We look to deepen our relationships with diverse communities and organizations by investing our time, resources and ideas into their needs.  Several of partnerships include: One Hundred Black Men, Hispanic Federation, Jewish Community Relations Council of New York, Asian American Federation and Women in Cable Telecommunications.

Our second pillar is workforce representation.  We realize that diversity represents an opportunity and an advantage to help our businesses succeed in the marketplace and we are continuously looking to attract qualified people of all backgrounds to work and grow with us.  Through internships, training, professional development, high school programs and more, we invest in talent that is diverse in both background and skillset.

Our third pillar is business initiatives.  We embrace the opportunity to appeal to broad audiences and reflect the diversity and multiculturalism of our society.  We recognize the value of an inclusive content strategy and have made it a focus of our overall business strategy.  This is exemplified by the development of businesses and content that specifically target diverse audiences, including: Amistad Publishing, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishing, which publishes works by and about people of African descent; MundoFox, a new Spanish-language television network catering to the U.S. Hispanic market; and, a new media distribution platform features news, politics, entertainment, health and lifestyle stories that impact the Latino community living in the U.S.

And our fourth pillar is supplier diversity.  Minority and women-owned business enterprises are the fastest growing segment of new business in the U.S.  As a business imperative, we are committed to including diverse suppliers in our sourcing process to provide our businesses with the most innovative, cost-effective and highest quality business solutions.  It is a strategic initiative that allows the company to enhance its competitive advantage by developing a supply chain which strengthens and fuels the economic growth of the communities we serve and enhances our market leadership position.

 What sets your recruiting, career development, and work-life programs apart?

News Corporation has a long-standing commitment to developing mutually beneficial and supportive relationships with our external partners, including professional business organizations, community and advocacy groups, educational institutions, and trade associations.  In turn, these partnerships continue to produce a pipeline of talent that supports our efforts to attract and retain the best employees for our businesses.

 How long has News Corp. been a corporate partner of CUP’s and why does your organization value this relationship?

News Corporation became a corporate partner of CUP in 2012 to address the ever-changing workforce demands of its companies and provide a unique leadership development series designed to enhance core leadership competencies, communication, management, negotiation, and strategic planning skills for mid-to-senior level executives across each of our businesses.  CUP’s goal of advancing career and business opportunities for urban professionals directly complements News Corp.’s vision of corporate diversity.  CUP generates leadership and service opportunities for diverse audiences, which is what News Corp. strives to do through its diversity initiatives.

How do you think CUP will have the greatest impact?

The alliance with CUP allows News Corporation to tap into a network of industry experts and thought leaders to learn how best to tackle an increasingly dynamic and diverse workplace.  Our executives will benefit from a network of people immersed in diversity issues at the community, political and corporate levels.  CUP’s high impact approach to leadership development will provide News Corp. executives with the tools needed for future advancement and help drive overall workforce performance, which will result in positive business outcomes at the individual, group and organizational levels.