Phys Ed Plus – Non Profit Partner Spotlight

Who is Phys Ed Plus?
Phys Ed Plus, led by Brian Semonian are a group of certified and experienced physical educators supporting the reintroduction of Phys Ed programs in schools.

What is your mission?
A quality physical education curriculum are an essential part of every child’s educational routine. However, Physical Education has all but disappeared from NYC Public Elementary Schools. NY State Dept of Education mandates each school provide 120 mins of PE each week with a Certified Teacher. However, 96% of schools fail to meet that mandate and 70% of schools do not have a PE Teacher on Staff. Phys Ed Plus brings qualified phys ed teachers and programs to public schools.

What makes your organization so unique in the non-profit space?
No other program does this in NYC. Other programs work on food issues, and others work on recess, but no others incorporate a scaffolded Phys Ed curriculum for schools.

What is your organization up to at the moment & how can CUP Members be involved?
To raise awareness of the issues and much needed funds, Phys Ed Plus is hosting

& Silent Auction Benefiting Phys Ed Plus
Soda, Beer, Peanuts & Cracker Jacks will be provided.

When: February 6th 6pm - 9pm

Where: Bergino Baseball Clubhouse
67 East 11 Street, The landmark Cast Iron Building, New York, New York 10003

Why: Local artists are donating creative pieces using old baseball cards. We will also be auctioning off memorabilia, Yankees tickets, and more! All to help physical and nutritional education for NYC public school kids! Learn more at

Interested in donating baseball card artwork? Cards provided.
Contact EVENTS@PHYSEDPLUS.ORG for more information