2010 CUP Fellows & Tiki Barber Inspire Hundreds of REACH Students

LEARN, EARN, WIN! (LEW) is a series of free, comprehensive Saturday workshops, which connects thousands of REACH students with top AP experts from around the country. For all students who complete LEW, they earn $300, $400 or $500 in performance scholarships for each score of 3, 4 or 5, respectively.

On Saturday, March 19th, the 2010 CUP Fellows Class hosted an event in collaboration with CUP's Rewarding Achievement Program (REACH). The keynote speaker for the event was Tiki Barber, NY Giants legend, turned media personality and businessman. The CUP Fellows spearheaded the event to connect REACH students with CUP Fellows for informal educational and professional advising and mentoring throughout the year.

The event was a successful Learn, Earn, Win! Session with almost 1000 NYC REACH high school students. Many of those students were able to hear retired NFL star Tiki Barber and CUP Fellows tell inspiring stories about overcoming obstacles to success and achievement.

Tiki spoke specifically about distinguishing himself academically (valedictorian of his high school, graduating with honors from UVA) and athletically, as well as balancing academics and athletics. His overall theme of seizing opportunities and recovering from set-backs encouraged many questions from students during the Q&A following. CUP Fellows shared their diverse experiences as lawyers, bankers, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit professionals. REACH students were able to mingle with the speakers throughout the day during their LEW class sessions.

"Our [CUP Fellows] contribution was simply a little “icing on the cake”--in the form of a mirror--to those students of what their lives could look like 15 to 20 years down the road if they continued to work hard and gave REACH a chance to influence their lives."
--Courtney Williams, 2010 CUP Fellow; CEO, Torsh LLC

“Saturday’s event with Tiki Barber was just the beginning! I’m really looking forward to our second meeting with REACH students when CUP Fellows will not only share our stories but more importantly, when we’ll share useful strategies to help the students navigate the college application process.
-- Cidra M. Sebastien, 2010 CUP Fellow; Associate Director, The Brotherhood/Sister Sol

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