Aubrey Herrera is a Digital Product Manager at Goldman Sachs in the Private Wealth Management business. She and her team are responsible for enhancing the experience of Private Wealth clients and advisors through technology. She entered finance and technology by way of public health research. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a B.S. in Public Health in 2014 and afterwards, studied adolescent mental health in Mexico City on a Fulbright Research Scholarship.

Research fostered her love of data and discovering insights to impact decision making. This led to a pivot into Digital Product Management, where data guides decisions on creating digital products that provide value to customers. She worked at Athenahealth building healthcare technology prior to working at Goldman Sachs. In both the workplace and her communities, Aubrey is passionate about building people up, through mentorship, cross-discipline collaboration, volunteering, and advocacy. She’s a huge supporter of mental health, HIV/AIDS, LGBT, and people of color (POC) causes. In her free time, Aubrey enjoys learning about and enjoying coffee, reading books and the newspaper, and exploring NYC with her friends.