The Brooklyn Youth Sports Club – Non-Profit Partner Spotlight

The Brooklyn Youth Sports Club

What is your mission?

The mission of the Brooklyn Youth Sports Club is to build an enriching educational setting for economically disadvantaged children, using athletics as the vehicle to inspire motivated youth to fulfill their academic, physical, and personal potential. The Brooklyn Youth Sports Club is driven by an ethical imperative to instill values of integrity, perseverance, self-esteem, and hard work to empower student-athletes to be leaders in school, on the court, and in the community.

What makes your organization so unique in the non-profit space?

The Brooklyn Youth Sports Club is a unique non-profit in that it provides a variety of programs that are designed for each participants needs with basketball as a hook. These include college application workshops, after school homework help, SAT prep, comprehensive literacy classes, mentorship events, community service, individual training, travel teams, clinics, leagues, tournaments and more!

What is your organization up to at the moment & how can CUP Members be involved?

The Brooklyn Youth Sports Club is always looking for dedicated board members to help us provide leadership and financial support to our programming. Additionally, we would love for any CUP members to get involved with our tutoring, mentoring and coaching.  We work with over 200 kids that need your help!