UCM Partners – June 2011 Corporate Spotlight

-Dana Reed, Managing Director, UCM Partners, LP

What is UCM's approach to diversity?

UCM’s approach to diversity is an authentic and vital component of our philosophy and company success. We believe that diverse personalities, strengths, abilities and backgrounds not only build the strongest team, but best enable us to connect with our colleagues, clients, and prospects.

What sets your recruiting, career development, and work-life programs apart?

As a boutique firm, UCM has the advantage of intimate recruiting and development opportunities that offer great flexibility and personalization. By working directly with team members and senior executives, UCM provides a balance of independence, collaboration, and mentorship. Ultimately, this balance allows for the greatest personally and professionally rewarding experiences – experiences that benefit our employees and our overall culture. Being one-third employee-owned provides a team environment where every employee creatively thinks about how they can best contribute to the overall success of UCM and also let’s clients know that our interests are aligned with theirs.

How long has UCM been a corporate partner of CUP's and why does your organization value this relationship?

Many of our employees have had personal and professional relationships with several of the founding members of CUP throughout their careers and UCM as a company has had a working relationship with CUP since inception. From both a personal and professional level, we at UCM are all thrilled to see the success of CUP and the significant impact it has had on the financial services community. All of the employees of UCM view the relationship with CUP as one of our most valued corporate partners.

How do you think CUP will have the greatest impact?

Since its formation in 2007, CUP has been a significant force in promoting diversity through its various programs. Its membership growth alone – from 62 founding members to currently more than 5000 urban professionals – demonstrates that CUP has filled a great void of diversity in corporations, Board of Director seats, MWBE legislation and civic organizations. We look forward to continuing to work with CUP and watching the organization grow to become even more of an influence in all industries and urban circles.

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