What is BNY Mellon’s approach to diversity?

Our primary objective is to continue to foster an environment where all employees feel comfortable contributing their unique skills and talents to deliver measurable results.  Ultimately, we are striving for: an inclusive culture; diversity of thought leadership; continuing to increase diverse representation across our leadership ranks; and sustaining a strong talent pipeline. We believe that supporting a diverse, engaged workforce will make us more successful in building trust and empowering our teams, serving our clients and outperforming our peers. BNY Mellon is committed to fostering an inclusive workplace where talented people outside the company want to join and where those inside want to stay and develop their careers.

All employees are accountable for ensuring the company is inclusive. Since 2009, employees worldwide are required to be appraised against a diversity and inclusion performance goal as part of the company’s annual Performance Management process. This raises awareness, drives accountability, and connects equality, diversity and inclusion directly to a sustainable business strategy.

We are a global financial services company with global clients, employees and shareholders. To execute on our corporate strategy while delivering outstanding client service, achieving shareholder expectations, inspiring and engaging employees and remaining innovative – we must exhibit a genuine commitment to diversity and inclusion, inclusive of all of our talent.

BNY Mellon’s Chairman & CEO Gerald Hassell has reiterated this philosophy about the importance of diversity and inclusion as a key business driver: “Our company has an uncompromising commitment to diversity and inclusion. This commitment is not only important to our company's culture and to each of us as individuals, it's also critical to our ability to serve our clients and grow our businesses.”

Ultimately, we are striving for: an inclusive culture; diversity of thought leadership; continuing to increase the diversity in our leadership ranks; and strong diversity in our talent pipeline that is sustainable on an on-going basis. To advance this strategy, the Office of Diversity established a Global Diversity & Inclusion Council. The Council is chaired by Gerald Hassell and comprised of 26 senior leaders from Asia-Pacific, EMEA, Latam, and across the U.S. Its goals are to:

  • Advance diversity efforts that are visible, actionable, sustainable and measurable;
  • Create a clear sense of accountability and awareness for diversity efforts companywide;
  • Recognize and reward inclusive behavior;
  • Provide direction and support to employee affinity networks;
  • Facilitate the sharing and adoption of diversity best practices across our global organization; and,
  • Identify the tools needed to advance the organization's diversity objectives and be an advocate for resources.

Measurable advances in creating an inclusive culture have also come from our company’s four sponsored Affinity Networks. The absolute growth in these employee-led groups has been exponential over the past three years. For example, from 2009 to 2012 our Affinity Networks increased from 39 Chapters in six countries to 118 Chapters in 20 countries.

BNY Mellon’s Affinity Networks offer 40 events and programs on average per month, all around the world. In 2012, these highly engaged employee-managed groups held over 400 programs, and have become known for their best-in-class practices around:

  • Information and collaboration
  • Mentoring
  • Networking
  • Community Outreach
  • Professional skills development and coaching
  • Charitable involvement
  • External Partnerships
  • Education via Lunch & Learn Programs

BNY Mellon’s Affinity Networks consist of:

  • Women’s Initiatives Network (WIN) - WIN's mission is to act as a global resource for the professional development and advancement of women who work at BNY Mellon.  Since 2009, WIN has shown tremendous growth, expanding from 13 Chapters to 56. WIN’s founder is BNY Mellon President Karen Peetz.
  • IMPACT's mission is to act as a resource for BNY Mellon employees, with an emphasis on recruitment, retention, development and advancement of multicultural employees. This includes people of color.
  • PRISM strives to promote an open and supportive environment at BNY Mellon in which all LGBT employees are fully included in all aspects of corporate life by fostering outreach. Prism contributes to the company’s growth and its role as a leading corporate citizen.
  • HEART’s mission is to promote an inclusive working environment where all employees are valued based on their talents and abilities. HEART is open to all employees and especially welcomes those BNY Mellon employees whose friends and/or family members may have a disability.
  • In early 2012, the company established a Business Resource Group for Returning Military, in support of BNY Mellon’s program to hire and support service members who are transitioning to civilian life after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Finally, we’ve also introduced an "Unconscious Bias" course as part of our comprehensive diversity and inclusion educational programming to raises awareness and provide tools to our managers.

What sets your recruiting, career development, and work-life programs apart?

What sets our recruiting, career development and work-life programs apart is the development of a complete end-to-end, multi-layered strategy to lead the firm and its employees successfully into the future. These products and services are delivered to BNY Mellon’s nearly 49,000 employees worldwide through a network of human resources professionals located in more than 10 countries as well as easy-to-use online portals and channels and covers compensation and benefits; talent management, including talent acquisition and development; and employee relations, including work life and wellness programs. Human Resources also supports managers through strategic consulting, management of HR issues, products and service delivery, management of organizational performance and execution of HR processes. Moreover, the group leads the company's diversity and inclusion and employee engagement agendas, and its wellness initiatives. We embrace new technology to enhance and improve our offerings, recognizing that our employee base is global and we’re in an industry that is rapidly evolving as a result of changes in customer needs and market demands, globalization and an ever-evolving regulatory environment.

Here are a few best practices:

  • In 2011, we created and launched MyDevelopment, an online portal for the effective and efficient training of our employees around the world. BNY Mellon’s MyDevelopment portal provides a comprehensive automated platform for accessing the full range of online and classroom training resources for technical, desktop, and soft skill programs. Employees may review the full range of offerings and register for them directly, online. There are thousands of courses offered on demand, 24-hours-a-day, and seven days per week. The system was designed to capture and record the learning journey and progress of talent throughout the organization, as well as to track important annual training requirements or certifications such as adherence to the Code of Conduct, Know Your Customer or Anti-Money Laundering courses. Due to the success of MyDevelopment, Human Resources delivered more than 1.2 million hours of employee training in 2011, or nearly 25 hours per employee.In addition, some of our businesses have adopted additional customized training. For example, one business designed and executed unique leadership development programs to complement those offered at the enterprise level. The custom programs included a Leadership Program for the more than 300 senior managers. It also included a Leadership Development Program for high-potential leaders early in their careers, as well as a year-long Rotational Program designed to provide a broader cross-business learning and leadership development perspective.Another powerful benefit of the platform is that the company’s businesses are able to rapidly deliver customized training across the globe. For example, our company’s Financial Markets and Treasury Services businesses conducted training around their business optimization initiative with a goal of reaching some 2,000 employees. The trainings were so successful that they completed the training for 2,218 employees across 64 locations globally, with the participation of 27 key business partner groups -- a full eight months ahead of schedule.
  • A second best practices example that underpins our global talent strategy is the approach to successfully onboarding new employees. In 2011, the company introduced a new and comprehensive, standardized, global model for onboarding new employees, which focuses on the absolutely critical first 101 days of a person's career at BNY Mellon. The primary goal of onboarding is to enable our employees to begin adding value and contributing to the team as quickly as possible. In fact, research shows that employees who have gone through a structured onboarding program feel more welcomed, motivated and productive -- and they understand the company's values more quickly.Whether new to BNY Mellon or someone who has transferred from one department to another, every new employee needs to be engaged and feel valued and prepared for his or her responsibilities. Our company's approach to onboarding, developed by the HR team, can help achieve that. The initiative includes an online Onboarding Resource Center which provides — to managers, new employees, internal transfers and peer partners across BNY Mellon — a consistent set of tools and guidance to help make those first 101 days a success. The site includes training, videos, checklists, guides and much more.
  • Finally, we’ve also significantly enhanced the company’s wellness programs, launched under the name “Live Well.”Live Well is a program designed to help employees and their families maintain or improve their health and wellbeing. At the core of the program is creating a sustainable culture of healthy living at BNY Mellon. Live Well provides resources to help the company’s employees and their families take simple steps to be healthier, while making the most of the time and effort they are able to commit to their health. Live Well’s array of tools, information and professional guidance can make living well an easier and more fulfilling journey. Live Well goes beyond the traditional medical plan benefits that BNY Mellon provides. Live Well helps employees address their health needs in a proactive and comprehensive way.Live Well includes all elements of best-in-class health and wellness programs. It incorporates the best tools and programs the market has to offer for managing diseases, quitting tobacco use, building a culture of health and much more.

    Here’s just one example of the program’s positive impact.

    Over the course of eight weeks, from May to June 2011, BNY Mellon sponsored “30x5,” a fitness program. The goal of 30x5 was to motivate employees to gradually increase their physical activity to reach the World Health Organization's recommendation of 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity five days per week, and to reinforce the goal for those who already had a fitness routine in place. In 2011, employees enthusiastically embraced the program, with an amazing 15,772 participants forming 3,143 teams in 27 countries -- an increase of more than 1,000 participants over the previous year. Some employees trained for marathons, walked to work or participated in team sports, while others used the program for motivation to begin an exercise routine. Many employees even blogged about their 30x5 experience, sharing exercise tips and support on the company’s intranet.

    Employee team captains tracked and reported their team's total minutes of activity for each week of the program, resulting in a 24 percent overall increase in the number of minutes employees spent exercising over the eight-week period.

    More than 14,000 employees completed all eight weeks of the 30x5 program, leading BNY Mellon to contribute 70,660 meals (or five meals for every participant) to local foodbanks, homeless shelters and other related nonprofit organizations.

How long has BNY Mellon been a corporate partner of CUP’s and why does your organization value this relationship?

BNY Mellon has just recently signed up to become a corporate partner of CUP and is looking forward to building a sustaining relationship with the organization.  We respect and value CUP’s mission, charter and membership base, as well as the contributions it makes to society at large.  There is a very strong alignment for us at BNY Mellon with CUP’s aim to advance a more diverse leadership body that represents the interest of our communities.

How do you think CUP will have the greatest impact?

One of the areas of significant opportunity for CUP is around professional and leadership development, especially for diverse talent.  Supporting the advancement, growth and development of the next generation of leaders across the private and public sectors, will enable CUP to have a lasting impact across many industries and sectors.