– Nonprofit Spotlight – Nov 2011

Who is World of Money?

The is a leading non-profit provider in financial education for youth in the New York City-Tri-State area.

What is your mission?

It is the urgent mission of the, to teach young people, ages 7 -18, empowering basic financial education. It is urgent that our youth learn to survive and prosper during economic roller-coasters by using their innate intelligence and creativity to expand their access to the free enterprise system beyond that of consumerism, but to disciplined saving, and the understanding of investing in capital markets. Since 2005, the Summer Youth Financial Education Training Institute has guided youth through a Money Track curriculum. Subject areas include: Mandarin Chinese, wealth consciousness, money creation, disciplined savings, investment products, bank accounts, real estate investing, credit, insurance products, credit management, business etiquette et al.  The Youth Financial Education Institute stresses the importance of academic excellence, achievement of higher education and a strong emphasis on youth community service. Our Youth Business School teaches entrepreneurship.

How do you define underserved youth?

Any child who has not been taught basic financial management or needs to learn more!

What is your organization up to at the moment?

We are registering our youth, parents and supporters for our exciting trip to China in 2013.   Also, because we graduated 110 youth in 2011, we look forward to increasing our enrollment in 2012!

What makes your organization so unique in the non-profit space?

Our organization is unique in that our sole focus is on financial education. We believe that without a sound financial education a child will be negatively affected for generations. The Youth Financial Education Training Institute is distinguished in five key areas: 1) Length of the Training, 2) Financial Field Trips (House Hunting, Bank Trips), 3) Follow-up and Tracking, 4) Rigorous Daily Testing, and 5) Graduation. We also have Parent "Money Matters" Forums in order to holistically empower the entire family.

How can CUP Members be involved?

Under the leadership of Board of Directors Chair and CUP member Obie McKenzie (Managing Director, BlackRock), we encourage qualified CUP members to apply for board membership. Our Leadership Council also welcomes CUP young professionals to support our mission through a variety of activities.  CUP members may contact us by email @