Xerox – Corporate Partner Spotlight

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What is Xerox’s approach to diversity?

Xerox approaches diversity as not just a commitment, but a core company value, meaning our approach to inclusion goes beyond race and gender, and values differences in age, outlook, cultural background, lifestyle, physical ability, and sexual orientation.  In a business like Xerox, whose lifeblood is fresh ideas, this variety of perspectives is a priceless resource – and a key to achieving critical business results.

We have an ongoing mission to ensure a work environment where all employees treat each other with equality, dignity and respect; where an employee’s individuality infuses our high-performing teams. Where organizations work together to achieve common business objectives. This is why we are committed to diversity in our workforce. It is more than the right thing to do; it’s critical to our success as a company.

Xerox promotes understanding and inclusion through its actions, a comprehensive set of diversity initiatives and strategies.  The diversity agenda includes executive commitment; communications through educating employees and management on diversity programs, policies, and achievements; training/competency programs to ensure diversity principles are taught to all; operations to address imbalances by identifying shortfalls and closing gaps; and strategy development that leverages diversity to gain a business advantage.

What sets your recruiting, career development, and work-life programs apart?

At Xerox, which does business in 160 countries,  we want a workforce that is reflective of the communities in which we do business.  Recruiting a diverse workforce helps us attract a wider customer base and to better understand and address the needs of our customers.  Our Balanced Workforce Strategy was implemented in 1985 to  drive equitable employee representation  with respect to race and gender within all job grades and organizations in Xerox.

Career development  is vital to the success of our organization. Xerox has a wide range of opportunities for employees to develop; there is a huge investment in on-line learning where we have made over 800 different courses available. We also offer classroom training, management development and of course technical training.

We have developed and introduced accreditation programs - structured career pathways, specifically designed for employees in particular business areas. These programs use standard criteria for measuring performance and provide recognition for skills development and application. We also offer to help with tuition fees on a discretionary basis.

Xerox is renowned for the way that people are rewarded and for the benefit packages that are available to employees. We also offer other lifestyle benefits such as flexible working. We believe that when people's individual needs are tended to, they just perform better. Balancing work with life. All the more reason why Xerox is the employer of choice.

How long has Xerox been a corporate partner of CUP’s and why does your organization value this relationship?

This is the first year Xerox has chosen to sponsor CUP.  We are intrigued by the unique work CUP has undertaken.  Xerox is also excited to have six of its employees participate as Executive Members.   It’s another way for Xerox to invest in its employees professional development.

How do you think CUP will have the greatest impact?

We all know having a diverse organization is the right thing to do and is a proven key to business success.  A room of people who think the same and have similar life backgrounds won’t bring the wide ideas of those who are of differing age, gender, lifestyle, cultural background, sexual orientation and the like.  CUP’s focus on diversity and enrichment should bring bold, innovative professionals to the community it serves.